When is Easter? And the Best Easter Day Quotes of 2018

Events have a very good sign in human life, from the start of the world we are having different events.

The main reason for the significance of the events is that we can get enough leisure time to spend with our families, friends, and relatives and it gives us peace of mind and recreations too.

Out of the most popular events, one is the Easter day event, it is celebrated with great love and please and if you enjoy the easter day then you should send the best easter day quotes 2018 to your friends. In this way, they will be pleased and you can get a good relationship with them.
And on the other hand, if you want to know when is the easter day then let me clear it for you that I have described it in detail below.

When is Easter?

Each year Easter falls on different dates. There are different calendar by which date of Easter has been decided. One is a Gregorian calendar which is the western calendar and is used all over west today in both secular and religious world and second is the Julian calendar which is the eastern calendar and is older and based on astronomy.

According to Western Christianity Easter is always on Sunday which is in between 22nd March to 25th April. On another hand Eastern Orthodox Christianity believes that Easter always on Sunday in between 4th April to 8th May in each year.

By the Gregorian calendar, Easter is taking place from Good Friday on 30 March to Easter Monday on 2nd April on this year 2018 and making Easter Sunday on 1st April which is the April Fool’s Day. Christians celebrate Easter on Sunday because this was the day when Jesus was rose from dead and following crucified on Friday two days before.

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