Dave Rienzi Career, Net Worth, Income, Age, Height

Dave Rienzi is an American bodybuilder and a businessman. He competed in the light heavyweight championships in the year 2011 he took part in the NFC USA Championship and secured the 4th position.

Dave Rienzi was born on 25 April 1984 in Maryland USA. The unusual thing about the Dave is that he has created a unique workout plan caller Hercules and that is followed by his friend and the famous Hollywood action THE ROCK.

He also got popularity due to his relations with “The Rock” (who performs in WWE RAW and is an outstanding actor).

Dave’s wife’s name is Dany Garcia who was the wife of Dave’s friend Dwayne.

Dave Rienzi Career

Dave primary business is the training center which is located in Florida, and his famous customer & partner is his friend who is a Hollywood actor, Producer and a Wrestler at WWE known as Dwayne. Dave has helped the Dwayne a lot in training for his movies “Hercules” and the “Pain And Gain.”

Dave’s Income and Networth

Dave has a lot of other businesses two which includes GYMs, bodybuilding training coaching classes, making movies and acting, by this we can guess he earns a lot of money, but till now his net worth has not been revealed by him. However, there is an estimated guess that his net worth is $3 to $5 Million.

Dave Rienzi’ Personal Life

Dave was always in love with his friend’s wife.Dany. But she was married to his friend that is why he never married or dated another girl, but fortunately, the relationship of Dany and her husband was not very good. So they got divorced, and then Dave proposed Deny, and they got married on March 29, 2014.

Dave Rienzi Age, Weight, Height, etc.

People who know Dave Rienzi are also very much interested in the age and the weight of them that is why you may also ask about these things, well, Dave is 33 years old, weights 110 KGs and is 6 feet tall.



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