Cristiano Ronaldo Wiki and Careen Details

Cristiano Ronaldo a 14 years old football player whose mother advised him to cease his studies and get into the field of sports and games and make your career in football is now the worlds most famous and highest paid football player. Here I will reveal the Cristiano Ronaldo Wiki which will help you a lot.

Cristiano Ronaldo plays as a forward player for the two leading teams “Spanish club Real Madrid” and the “Portugal national team.”

The interesting fact about the Ronaldo is that he is the world’s first footballer who won the European Golden Shoes for the four times in his career and now he plans to win it again in the upcoming matches.

Early Life of the C. Ronaldo

Ronaldo was born in a middle-class family on 5 February 1985 at São Pedro, Funchal; his father was a gardener and a kit man while his mother used to do work in hotels and houses.

There is an exciting thing about Ronaldo, and that is his first name was named by his father while the second name was called at the present of the United States “Ronald Reagan.”

He was excellent in games from the beginning of his life; in fact, he used to spend almost 3 to 4 hours in football that is why he became an excellent player at the age of 14. He was suspended from the school because he had thrown a chair at his teacher. However that suspensive helped him to focus on his gaming career.

Ronaldo Start of Career

When he was just 12 years of old he signed Sporting CP for three days for a fee of £1,500 he performed very well there so, he was promoted to the Alcochete football academy.

After that, he signed Sporting Portugal at the age of 16 and was performing very well and had impressed his coaches.

Ronaldo continues to play even better, and then there came a time he was selected as a player of the national team after that the whole world knew him in this way Ronaldo’s career started and he reached to a place where you can see him now.

Ronaldo Personal Life

Ronaldo loves women that is why he has a huge list of women, and he is also the father of 4 children. He dates with beautiful girls and models.


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